Life Up North

Got 5 Minutes …? Sunsets

Got 5 Minutes …Nothing encapsulates everything that is northern Michigan quite like an exquisite Lake Michigan sunset. Though Indigo Bluffs is surrounded by incredible beaches, consider Van’s Beach in Leland for stunning views, the cool feel of sand on your toes, and that iconic sound of waves crashing. After, head downtown for shopping or dining so fine you will need to post photos for your friends to believe.

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Got 5 Minutes …? Photography

Got 5 Minutes … From Indigo Bluffs, five minutes can satisfy even the most skilled photographer’s deepest desires. The area is rich in color and light and is never short on scenery. From snapping photos of the world famous Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive to the abundant wildlife that fills our woods, five minutes can be extremely fulfilling for a shutterbug. Start with our village of Empire and move on to the surrounding sites, for those who live life behind a lens, your next great adventure starts here.

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Got 5 Minutes …? Hiking

South Manitou Island

Got 5 Minutes? …A stone’s throw from Indigo Bluff is a nearly unlimited selection of absolutely stunning hiking. A short drive will provide you with an unmatched ability to commune with nature and lay eyes on timeless, enchanting views. One stop will show you the breadth of Northern Michigan plant life, the next a staggeringly beautiful view of our beloved Lake Michigan. Instagram worthy shots lie around every bend, if you have five minutes to let go and let nature wash over you.

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Got 5 Minutes …? Moomers

Got 5 Minutes? …There are some experiences in life that just can’t be replicated. One of those lies just minutes from Indigo Bluffs at Moomers Homemade Ice Cream. Indulge in unique flavors such as Cherries Moobilee and Cow Tracks. Whether you’re communing with their famous cows, licking your ice cream cone, or posting a photo with the friend you just met in line, everyone in the family will be enchanted by the taste of country. Stay in or take your ice cream just moments north to Greilickville Park and soak in a Grand Traverse Bay sunset. There’s no better way to

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Got 5 Minutes … ? Paddleboarding

Got 5 Minutes? …It takes but moments from Indigo Bluffs to reach the clear and calm waters of Glen Lake. Let the environment wash over you as you paddle out, nothing but a board under your feet and sparkling water to your right and left. You will see the Dunes Climb in the distance and remember in this corner of the world, nothing is impossible. From there, the quaint village of Glen Arbor is just around the corner, offering shopping, dining, and more spectacular views. A five minute drive could lead to family memories forever.

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Got 5 Minutes …? Beach Combing

Got 5 Minutes? ….Just a short scenic drive from Indigo Bluffs lies a beachcombing paradise. While you stroll the serene sands of Lake Michigan, taking in the wind and the waves, there are treasures to be found. Leland Blues, Charlevoix Stones, beach glass, driftwood, and the iconic Petoskey Stones await you as keepsakes of your Sleeping Bear adventures. Within five more minutes, experience the world class chocolate at Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate, in downtown Empire. Relax and indulge over a truffle or hot chocolate. Allow the area to stimulate all five senses for a truly unforgettable getaway.

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11 Northern Michigan Festivals You Don’t Want To Miss

Traverse City Film Festival in front of the State Theatre in Downtown Traverse City

Northern Michigan is known for its variety of activities and rich culture. Throughout the warm season, you will find many opportunities to experience Up North as a local. There is perhaps no better example of this than the festivals and events hosted by the area’s many towns. Whether you enjoy the outdoors, food and drink, the arts, or just trying new experiences, you’ll find it here in Northern Michigan. Here are some of our favorite festivals and events that occur throughout the year: Empire Asparagus Festival – Empire – Mid, Late May Join the Village of Empire as it celebrates

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Why Sleeping Bear Dunes Might Be the Best Vacation Destination Ever

Beautiful elevated view of the Sleeping Bear Dunes shoreline

Every travel destination in the world strives to brand themselves as ‘distinctive’, in one way or another. Today, travelers want EXPERIENCES – people want to do things! It’s a great advantage to be known for great beaches, or maybe outdoor activities/adventures, or perhaps art, food, and wine related experiences. When you are known to lead in multiple experience categories, you have the chance to achieve the greatest distinction that any “area” can earn – to be a leading vacation or retirement destination. The Sleeping Bear Dunes – Traverse City area is Michigan’s #1 vacation AND retirement destination, and exists on

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