About Indigo Bluffs

Indigo Bluffs RV Resort - Empire, MichiganFor me and my family, it all started with a weekend visit – two months later, we were condo owners. It has been my family’s summer destination since 2000 and oh, so many memories we have had. Families have vacationed here for over a century and it didn’t take us long to feel the area’s warm embrace. I like to call us all “seasonal locals.” I see it a fitting term because there are so many people who still come every year, albeit for just a week or two, some have been doing this for 60 years.

Indigo had quite an unintentional beginning. During the summer of 2007 I placed a call about a house for sale on Glen Lake. Instead of buying the house, I ended up buying a campground! There is more to that story than is fitting to cover here. The most important thing is that I now get to introduce so many wonderful people to such a beautiful and unique vacation experience. Sleepy Bear Campground is a wonderful part of our history, but what we have done with Indigo will last for generations to come. We have one simple goal – Deliver a vacation experience that people will love and never grow tired of. Aside from the area doing its part, our secret is to make you feel special; nobody grows tired of that! We embrace all campers from those just starting out with everything borrowed to the veterans who know a special place when they see it and want to settle in here season after season.

The question I get most often is: “How did you come to buy a place like this?” I start with: “We didn’t buy it, we built it.” Yes, this is a family owned business, but please recognize that a big part of that “we” is the hard work and care that so many wonderful people have contributed along the way. It is really with great privilege that we look after this business and the property it sits on. The second question I get is either about our name or our logo. Indigo, as most of you know is a deep shade of blue; it’s also a Native American word. The name was love at first site for me! Our beloved bear was created by an artist from Florida after reading an interview of me describing the area. Cleverly, she incorporated hidden elements dear to the area: you can see a dune bluff, a sail, open water, a beach, and a stretch of clouds.

The deep history of the area is as captivating as its beauty. The story of the mother bear and her two cubs; “Leelanau,” its given Native American name meaning “Land of Delight”; and the true history of the mile high glaciers that got it all started. The vision of Indigo was to follow from this cherished history – to finish with something special. The area that surrounds us will always be Indigo’s greatest amenity; it is like the world’s most unique all-inclusive resort. The beauty, the peacefulness, the harvests, the energy, the embrace all make this place simply – Heaven on earth.

“If you love life, guard well your time – because time is the stuff life is made of.” – Ben Franklin