COVID-19: Open Dates, Procedures, and Updates

February 27, 2022

Hello Campers!

Here is our update in advance of the coming season. All of our buildings and amenities will be open and operating at full capacity. There are no mask requirements anywhere at Indigo Bluffs. We have always prided ourselves on being clean and thorough; the past two years have taught us a few things that we have now added to our regular cleaning process.

We are in the business of creating comfort and enjoyment and while we understand the far majority of our guests have the ability to self-contain, we know your desire to stretch out into the additional spaces at Indigo Bluffs. Please know you can do so without limitations or concerns.

Wishing you all a happy camping season!



July 13, 2020

Hello Campers!

We hope you are enjoying this summer season and that we have seen you or will see you soon at Indigo Bluffs this year. I thought it appropriate to clarify the latest from Michigan’s Governor; EO 2020-147. 

Executive Order 2020-147 has now made mandatory what was strongly suggested with previous orders. Now that face coverings are required to enter all INDOOR businesses and INDOOR public spaces; there are consequences attached. Individuals may be fined and businesses are in danger of losing their operating licenses. Again, this is for indoor establishments. 

EO 2020-147 doesn’t change anything at Indigo Bluffs as our Office/Store remains accessible via a walk-up window – both Indigo staff and guests should be wearing masks during these interactions. Masks are not required at your site or anywhere outside on our property. 

In our surrounding area, you will find that restaurants and retail establishments and their customers have been doing a wonderful job wearing masks. 

Wishing you all a healthy and enjoyable season,



June 12, 2020

Hello Campers! 

As Indigo Bluffs enters its 11th season ‘people’ have always been one of our best features. What may not be clear is that we include YOU, our guests, into that calculation. Your courteous and respectful nature could not be more valuable today. 

Yes, as with most things in our lives today, there are a few changes. We know how well you all follow directions, so this will be a piece of cake. 

Bathhouses, Laundry and Playground 
All of our bathhouses, laundry facilities and the playground are open. 

Property-wide Sanitizer Stations 
You will notice we have installed over a dozen hand sanitizer stations across our property. They are everywhere you would expect to be and maybe a few you wouldn’t.

Area Activities 
All Sleeping Bear Dunes hike/bike trails, dune climb and beaches have been open. No park passes have been required to-date. Shops and restaurants are all open and ready to serve you. Same for all the paddle, float and bike and boat rentals and trips. 
Checkout our website for a complete list of things to do 

PPE and Social Distancing 
No masks are required while at your site or anywhere outside on our property. Masks are required inside all buildings when others not part of your family are present. 

Need a Reservation?
Advice to those still seeking accommodations now when availability is increasingly limited. Our phone system has been often overwhelmed, we recommend one of the following next steps so we can best help you. 

1. Use the Make a Reservation On our website to take you directly to our booking engine. If having issues or have specific needs, use step 2. 
2. Choose the Check Availability which allows you to enter everything we need for a reservation except payment; use the comments box for specifics, questions, requests. 
3. Don’t like websites; email any requests, questions to us at
4. Last resort. If you call and reach our voicemail, please leave a detailed message. 

Please know that one thing that hasn’t changed is the willingness and effort by your team of hosts at Indigo Bluffs. Your team has done an amazing job and whatever it takes to deliver the experience they know you are expecting and deserve.

Wishing you an enjoyable summer, see you soon. 



May 13, 2020

Please note this is our latest update about opening dates. Disregard earlier posts. Thank you!

Dear Past and Future Guests,

We hope this finds you all in good health and spirits. This has been a long and trying journey, but we now have a date. Indigo Bluffs will be opening to all guests on May 29th. We continue busy taking reservations every day as we are all anxious to begin our camping season. Please continue referring to our COVID-19 resources page for complete details.

Campground Confusion – The entire segment of private campgrounds has been without any communication from the state of Michigan through this process; not even from our licensing agency. Adding further confusion were the announcements by both State and National campgrounds; their planned opening dates have nothing to do with private campgrounds. The DNR and NPS are having severe staffing issues and their delayed openings are largely due to that. Furthermore, they offer no full hook-up sites so none of their guests can be self-contained.

Indigo Staff – We have been working hard to get ready for you all. Most have settled in and training has been underway. They are all looking forward to your arrival.

Bright Outlook – One thing is clear; camping/RV’ing is being seen as the safest form of travel. The entire industry is booming right now. Many have studied the mental health benefits of taking a 20 minute walk or spending time at your local park. Can you imagine the benefits from a weeks worth of camping?! 

Surrounding Community – We continue our close communication with area businesses, the Sleeping Bear Dunes and local agencies. Certainly there will be changes, but all businesses are either open or planning to open later this month. It is not yet certain, but park passes may not be required at all this year for Sleeping Bear Dunes. If they are, you will have access to them directly from our office.

Questions – We welcome all your questions. Reach out to us at If you prefer speaking to someone call the owner directly; Gary 248.640.7039

We thank you all for your support and patience and look forward to seeing those smiling faces you always bring with you. We are on the downhill slope of our journey; each day bringing us closer to May 29th and the lifestyle we have all chosen to enjoy. Remember … 

“Hope is nothing more than desire accompanied by expectation.”

All simple and best, 
Gary Becker 
Owner – Indigo Bluffs 


April 27, 2020

A move in the right direction! The Governor’s latest order loosens many constraints in a move back to normal. Key for us was the approval for people to travel between residences within the state of Michigan. This supports our May 12 Opening Date for our Seasonal’s and other Long Term guests only.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND we still require approval from the state and local government for this to occur post May 15. Indigo expects its “Fully Open” date to occur May 18, 19, or 20. This will allow ALL guests for all stay durations. Guidance suggests that lower impact areas (Leelanau County) will be further loosening restrictions more quickly and industries that establish they are “lower impact” (Campgrounds) and specifically when individual businesses are taking additional measures with preparations in PPE, distancing and disinfecting will be allowed to open in the next step.

We continue taking reservations every day via phone, email and our website. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support; we appreciate it!


April 17, 2020

We hope this finds you all in good health. Indigo Bluffs has been working hard to prepare for the coming season and there are many required adjustments to our procedures. Here are a few of the highlights. This page will continue to be updated.

  • Campgrounds – are currently approved as Essential Businesses, but are limited to long term guests (30 days and longer) through April 30th. We don’t usually open until May 1st – we’ve delayed that date to May 12th and have limited it to our long term guests only. A full opening requires further guidance from the Governor, which will occur by April 30th.
  • Indigo Staff – Everyone will arrive by May 1st. All have been isolated for many days prior to arrival and will have 2 additional weeks to further isolate and settle in after arriving at Indigo Bluffs.
  • Cleaning & Disinfecting – We’ve consulted experienced commercial cleaners and disaster relief experts to learn the most effective disinfecting procedures and acquire a proven virucide and equipment to apply it. This includes electric sprayers and foggers (similar to the airlines) for properly handling all of our buildings, outdoor spaces, and rental cottages/RV’s.
  • Area Activities – We are in close communication with the Sleeping Bear Dunes. All hiking/biking trails, the Dune Climb, and access parking lots are closed until further notice; all beaches are open now. All passes, maps and information will be available directly upon check-in at Indigo Bluffs.
  • Questions – We welcome all your questions. Reach out to us at If you prefer speaking to someone call the owner directly; Gary 248.640.7039

We know the time you spend with us is precious to you; that’s why we’ve always looked at it as hosting our own families. No measure of safety for you or our staff will be compromised for experience – safety is the number one focus. We want you to expect changes; we want you to trust that we are doing all we can to make things safe; we want you to know that we are mindful of delivering the experience you’ve come to expect from us.

There has been a lot of fear; it’s time for HOPE. I look at this like a sunrise. We have all made sacrifices and taken steps of caution, which have made a positive impact. We will all soon be on a slow rising path to a bright new day. Please continue your diligence with social distancing and hygiene. We look forward to seeing you all !

All simple and best,

Gary Becker
Owner – Indigo Bluffs


March 31, 2020

This page was created for our loyal guests, new guests, dedicated staff and surrounding community neighbors. While we are fortunate that the fresh outdoors and our own private spaces are at the core of our service, there are several necessary steps being taken for this year. As we prepare, we offer this series of posts as a resource to answer your anticipated questions.

You will find outlines below covering this season’s expected modifications relating to: cleaning, disinfecting, staffing, check-in/out, office hours, bathhouses, amenities, area attractions, and more. We wanted to express our priority about the safety of everyone while offering a transparent view of our procedures, actions, and plans for the 2020 season. Ownership, management, and our entire staff at Indigo Bluffs is fully committed to doing everything we can to deliver as normal an experience as possible while satisfying all CDC guidelines. If anyone has any questions feel free to reach out to me directly.

THESE PROCEDURES WILL CHANGE BETWEEN NOW AND THE END OF OUR SEASON. This page will be updated and linked to via our social media and email communication. We will continue to treat all of you as FAMILY and we hope you please look at Indigo Bluffs the same way – we need your support through this. The irony of this situation is that distancing ourselves from one another is our greatest tool to resolve the problem, but it will take togetherness to bring us through it.

Thank you,

Gary Becker
Owner – Indigo Bluffs RV Park & Resort


Time is one of our best resources right now and with things changing daily we expect a different environment at the beginning of our season from what we are seeing now. Please expect some changes. We are planning for a fully operational season – adjustments will be made to assure everything offered meets with the CDC’s guidelines.



Staff Arrivals; we are expecting staff starting the end of April. All staff members will have a 14-day isolation period before interacting with any guests.

Seasonal Guests; will arrive and be granted overnight privileges first. Target date is May 12.

Vacation Guests; we expect a delayed opening this year. Target date is May 20.


Our entire staff has undergone the CDC’s recommended essential employee health screening as well as our own imposed process of a 14-day social distancing period prior to the arrival of and interaction with guests.


We have been in regular communication with all staff members during our off-season. All staff will be trained on CDC recommended disinfecting, social distancing, changes to our operating procedures and our emergency plans. We as a group are practicing social distancing as well as ‘staggering’ as an additional protection measure. We will not be meeting as large groups at anytime throughout this season. We have established other regular communication lines though two-way radio, text, and email.


The CDC; “Cleaning refers to the removal of germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces. Cleaning does not kill germs, but by removing them it lowers their numbers and risk of spreading.”

Indigo has always been known for its clean facilities and high standards for property maintenance. We have dedicated housekeeping staff and will be applying more manpower toward it this year. Our standards have been raised even further. No shortcuts, we’re considering every detail.


The CDC; “Disinfecting refers to using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. By killing germs on surfaces after cleaning, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection.”

Strict schedules will be followed for all buildings and amenities. Details of scheduled intervals and capacities will be posted at each location. All high-touch surfaces and items are included in our protocol and we anticipate 1-hour intervals.


We are using “LEMON NUTRAQUAT VIRUCIDE”; widely known by commercial cleaning professionals as “Liquid Lysol Wipes”. Known to exhibit effective virucidal activity against Human Coronavirus and many others.


There are many times in our lives when we must rely on others. We want you to know that you can depend on Indigo and its staff to have done its research, prepared properly, acquired all necessary resources, communicated with and trained staff, and execute as promised and with consistency. We are 100% committed to your health and happiness.


CDC guidelines will impact what services we offer and how we offer them. We are modifying all processes surrounding check-in/out, office/store hours, bathhouses, laundry facilities, pool, playground, etc. EXPECT CHANGES. The determining factors for Indigo Bluffs to continue offering these services are:

Procedures require ALL of these, no exceptions. Documented, Communicated, Trained, Monitored and in Compliance. If we find a breakdown in any one of these, that service will be further limited or shutdown.

HAND WASHING – (CDC Guidelines for everyone)

Before, during and after preparing food

Before eating

After bathroom use

After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing

After touching garbage

5 Steps: Wet • Lather • Scrub • Rinse • Dry


You will see hand sanitizing resources throughout our property, both indoors and outdoors. We are not placing any within our bathhouses as the CDC recommends that you wash your hands. We encourage everyone to carry their own sanitizer and to be mindful of the CDC’s guidelines to prevent spread.



If you are sick, stay at home. Please contact us, we can work it out. If coughing, sneezing, please avoid others and expand social distancing whenever you’re required to be out.


We all have the responsibility to follow these guidelines to reduce the risk of spreading. Make sure all of your young campers are also aware of what they can and cannot do under these new circumstances. Your little ones and not-so-little ones are your responsibility.


Your concern levels may not equal your neighbors. PLEASE respect other perspectives and observe the restrictions and/or verbal directives by Indigo Bluffs.


Please tell us if you have a special need or concern. We are happy to assist.


Please have and communicate a plan with your group in case a health condition arises.


Benzie-Leelanau Health Department: 231.882.2197 (Voicemail box for COVID-19 questions answered by public health professionals)

MDHHS Hotline: 888.535.6136 and (Experts answering COVID-19-related questions – Open 08:00-17:00, 7 days a week)

Munson Healthcare COVID-19 Hotline: 231.935.0951 (Signs and symptoms of COVID-19, options to speak with a Munson team member, recording available 24/7)

2-1-1 Hotline: 211 (Get connected with resources from across our communities, call 24/7, text and chat 08:00-17:00, Monday-Friday)


State of Michigan:

Center for Disease Control:

CDC Household Recommendations:

Glen Lake Fire Department: 231.334.3279 and

Leelanau County Sheriff: 231.256.8800